Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Erm, how did THAT get there??

So yeah, one day I was just browsing around Stardoll, (On my main account) when I remembered an account of mine that had not been touched for about a year. So I went on that account, (pinkCherrieCool, an ex-Superstar) and decided to look at my album. And I was sad that I saw there was nothing there, so I decided to fix it up a bit! I opened up 'My Items' draw and guess what I found??
THIS!! I mean, I do like JB and all that, but I was a bit surprised at a doll talking without his mouth open in my items!!!!!!!!! =[
I was like "WTF??!!! What is THAT doing there?"
Anyway, comment your thoughts about your JB doll!!!!!!

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